Netgear genie setup wizard - Get started for ultimate network coverage

Netgear genie setup wizard

Before starting the netgear genie setup, you must get all the essential things done. Don’t forget to get your Internet Service Provider information. You must ensure that your computer and network device have all desired settings mentioned here. When your prescribed internet service commence, your Internet Service provider will delivers you all the desired information required to connect to the internet.In order to get DSL service, you require following information to get your setup done.

1. Internet Service Provider configuration details

2. ISP login credentials

If you are not able to find this information, you may contact to your service provider for assistance. In case you already have a working internet network you just don’t need to go thorough ISP login process, this work will be automatically processed by your router and you will be logged in

Steps for Netgear Genie Smart Setup

1. Connect to home network using an iPhone or iPad

2. See and customize wireless settings of wireless router

3. Provides a graphical interface to see connected devices to the network

4. Comes with a traffic meter to monitor internet traffic

5. Create a guest network for friends and family members

6. Manage parental controls to keep kids away from inappropriate web content

7. Includes My Media feature to play media files on smartphone or tablet from a computer or laptop connected to network

8. Securely connect mobile devices to network using a QR code

9. Comprises of Ready Share function to manage storage attached to router

10. Provides support for iPhone X display

11. Change network settings according to your need

12. Change SSID and password of home or office network

And a lot more. In order to use all these features, the router must have the latest firmware version installed on it. If not, upgrade router firmware right away.

Download Netgear Genie App

Do not mislead NETGEAR Genie app with its name. It is compatible with all router and modem brands. No matter whether EX2700RP N300 or WN3500RP N600 is being used, Netgear Genie provides all functions and features to manage any extender. To troubleshoot any kind of issue while new extender setup using NETGEAR Genie, message on chatbox

Download Netgear Genie App
NETGEAR Genie with Remote Access

NETGEAR Genie with Remote Access<

NETGEAR Genie comes with an amazing feature i.e. remote access which is used to access wireless router even when you are far away from home network. To use remote access function, you just need a smart phone or tablet. But before making use of this feature, create a remote access genie account and register home router.

This amazing app is even used to diagnose network issues without shutting down the entire network.